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To us media design is creating solutions for the correctly chosen medium. The requirements for digital and analog media cary a lot. 

Print Medium

Print media have a big advantage. It is not required to make adjustments to different configurations by users. As soon as a print medium is finalised and ready to be printed the requirements do not change anymore. Therefore it is way more important that a detailed analysis is made so that the target groups are addressed correctly. 

Online Medium

Media design online is more complex as it is impossible to know all all browser configurations, smartphone sizes and monitor resolutions. Therefore a website must be built flexible so that it adjusts to all circumstances and will be perceived nicely on all devices by the users.

Webdesign Ingolstadt

As a webdesign freelancer Christopher Wittmann began his career in the UX industry back in 2011. Eversince then he didn’t want to do anything else and has made the topic of UX his duty.

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Because we want to make a difference. It is not only the workflow that differs from others but also the little details like trying to understand our clients’ work by reading their books or asking them questions and showing actual interest in their work.

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